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Maryland Youth Delegation Attends United Nations General Assembly Conference

​​Changing Destinations collaborated with the Journalists and Writers Foundation (NYC) and Bridgeway Community Church Youth Alive Ministry (Columbia, MD) to organize a youth delegation to the United Nations General Assembly 2019 Conference in New York City on September 25, 2019. Students from Baltimore, Howard, Anne Arundel, and Montgomery Counties in Maryland competed through a video application to receive a special invitation to attend the conference. They had a unique opportunity to learn about the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and interview world leaders. Watch the Video Recap of their experience. [Click Here] [Read full Report]

Vincent Tucci Speaks at the UNGA 2019 Conference Youth Empowerment is very close to my heart. A lot of youth are addicted to their phones that when I’m at lunch in my school, people sitting across from one another—instead of talking—are texting each other. Social Action is important to tackle this problem. When I return to my community, I’m going to start a campaign called “Put Down the Phone, Pick Up a Friend™.” Everyone is so attached to their phones—worried about what’s going on and who’s doing this and that—that it’s time we put it down and look for people to connect and engage with. I’d be increasing the number of social interactions within my community.

Co-op Living is one of the greatest resource at risk to my generation. Hope has been fading away since technology has become more prevalent. Everyone’s worried about updates; who’s going to Snap them next and who’s on Instagram. Social media is enjoyable but leads to social isolation that leads youth to antisocial behaviors, suicides, and separation from the community. The solution for this issue is co-op collaboration and just becoming a part of the community. Community is what sets people up for greatness!


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