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Changing Destinations: Journey To Excellence vision is to partner with schools, after-school programs and other community organizations to prepare students for the academic, social, and cultural challenges of college life and beyond.


The Pen Pal program works collaborative to enhance interest in cultures from around the world and develop cultural and social competencies through our pen pal program


Changing Destinations will collaborate with its partners to set up a Pen Pal program with youth organizations nationally and internationally.

Performance Measures


Our partnership agreements emphasize the following Bridging the Gap outcomes:

  • Students’ social-emotional learning is nurtured through life skills development and collaborative dialogue.

  • Students see diversity and inclusion reflected in the curriculum, and respect the contributions of all populations.

  • Youth will gain knowledge of the dynamics of local and global communication, privilege, oppression, and the role of social justice in society.


The Pen Pall program will be measured using the following performance measures:

  • Meet at least yearly to evaluate the partnership against measurable evaluation criteria and revise the agreement as warranted.

  • Track the following results annually:

    • Number of students participating in the Bridging the Gap Pen Pal program

    • Number of times letters were exchanged between partners and recipients 

  • Collect qualitative information from students and school staff regarding the benefits and challenges of participating in the pen pal program.

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