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The mission of the Global Citizens Academy is to prepare youth locally and globally to thrive as leaders and global citizens, equipped to positively impact their communities and the world.

What Makes Us Unique?
We extend beyond traditional leadership training by preparing youth to lead with confidence in diverse communities. The Academy challenges youth to consider their beliefs and actions through a sociocultural lens and facilitates the development of the broad suite of skills and knowledge needed to become powerful global citizens. Programming is designed and continually redefined in partnership with students, teachers, parents, and the wider community.

Who Can Participate?
Schools, after-school programs, churches, and other community-based organizations, providing services to youth.

Youth: 6th - 12th grade


Application Process

  • Nomination of youth by community members (parents, educators, clergy, etc.)

  • Submission of a 250-word application essay

  • Interview

  • Orientation (for parent/guardian and youth)


Youth develop the drive to actively seek opportunities to improve the world around them, and are empowered to create innovate solutions to real issues in the world.

Youth excel as influential leaders and global citizens when they are socially and emotionally prepared to serve within their community and around the world. The Global Citizens Academy utilizes research and the SCORE BIG approach to equip students with the knowledge and tool essential for success in school, the workplace and life.


Youth learn to compare, contrast, and situate leadership theories, as well as articulate their own leadership philosophies. They will demonstrate knowledge of cultural dynamics, conflict resolution, and teamwork by leading online discussion forums and acting as team leads on community projects. 



Youth develop the ability to identify and discuss the self-concepts (self-esteem, self-image, self-efficacy, and self-management strategies) essential for success in school, community, and the workplace. Youth will be able to express how their core values (beliefs, opinions,  attitudes) influence their decisions and actions as they pursue goals and confront adversity.



Youth serve their communities while learning to cultivate a service mindset in their peers. Youth will demonstrate mastery of both socio-emotional and cognitive skills by collaboratively leading real-world community projects.



Youth activate a breadth of skills, from advocacy and creativity to critical thinking, as they explore and create innovative social projects with people from around the world. Youth will be able to explain and assess the ways in which structural power affects voice, influence, resource access, decision-making, and governance.

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