College Intern Team Building

Our college interns participated in an adventurous team building day! We started our morning with a quick check-in at Terrapin Adventures and set our course for the Triple Thrill. A sea of aerial adventures with only wood, rope and cable awaited the team. We divided into groups of three and began exploring the Zipline, Flyer Pole, and last but certainly not least the Giant Swing.

The team embarked on a morning of continuous flight, starting with the 40 ft. Terrapin Flyer pole. Each member climbed up to enjoy the ride down by bungee cord. Next, we made the climb and rope walk to a 20 mph glide through the forest on a 330 ft. zipline. Saving the best for last, we experienced 2 G’s of adrenaline on the Giant Swing, which brought the rush of the wind while swinging back and forth like a pendulum through the forrest.

The Aerial Adventure Guides provided a safe, thrilling and memorable experience for our team. It was a great ending to a successful summer program. We look forward to more great activities in fall.

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