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Summer Program Wrap-Up

As we near the end of our Summer Youth Leadership Program I am overjoyed not only by the lessons I have learned through this experience, but also through the opportunity to do what I love in working with our youth.

The lessons covered each Saturday have truly helped prepare our program participants as strong leaders through examining humility, pride, bullying and a number of other factors. While I must thank my board for their hard work and diligence in this endeavor, I am also thankful to John Maxwell for developing such a timely and efficient youth program through Youth Max.

In John Maxwell’s book, Winning with People, he explains that we don't see people as they are; we see them as we are. We learned that counteracting a bully doesn’t depend on who the bully is or on the bully’s actions, but on how we think of ourselves. If we don’t value ourselves, we are in a prime position to become the victim of a bully. The higher we value ourselves the more likely we are to stand up to the bully’s actions, for ourselves and for others.

In the Battle Between Pride and Humility, we learned that humility is so important that those with humility are more likely to make the changes needed to learn from their losses. A humble person is the opposite of a prideful person.

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