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United Nations General Assembly Conference 2020

On the Occasion of the 75th Session of the Unite General Assembly, the Journalists and Writers Foundation (JWF), and its Global Partners (34 NGOs from 24 countries) is proud to organize the 5th Annual UNGA Conference, entitled Transforming Our World: Five Years of Action Towards the SDGs.


The international conference aims to review the implementation progress of the Global Agenda 2030 for sustainable peace and development with its 17 goals and its 169 targets. To transform our world, distinguished high-level speakers and panelists from different parts of the world will discuss, analyze, and evaluate the progress made since the adoption of the UN SDGs in 2015

Registration for the Virtual event REQUIRED

2020 Youth Global Citizens Summit

The 2020 Youth Global Citizens Summit (YGCS) is hosted by Changing Destinations: Journey To Excellence, Inc. in collaboration with its partners. The event brings together youth from diverse racial, cultural, geographic, and economic backgrounds who are committed to making a positive difference in their communities. Originally designed to be an in-person event, YGCS will be held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Youth will participate in three days of interactive activities, panel discussions, and youth presentations on solutions to real-world problems. The theme for the YGCS is Global Citizenship: Passport to Success.  [Learn More]

Maryland Youth Delegation Attends United Nations General Assembly Conference [Read full Report]
Maryland Youth Delegation
Johnnie Lee Fielder
CDJTE Intern and Enes Kanter
JWF Interns
Sasha E. Butler
Mehmet Kilic and David Heiliger
Youth from Chicago
Annika Adams
Vincent Tucci
Board, Parter, and Donor
Deborah ButlerMarshall and Intern
Sasha E. Butler
Annika Adams
Tushar A. Gandhi
Vincent Tucci
Mehmet Kilic and David Heiliger
Raael Kelley
Sasha E. Butler - Executive Director
Enes Kanter
Raael Kelley

​​Changing Destinations collaborated with the Journalists and Writers Foundation (NYC) and Bridgeway Community Church Youth Alive Ministry (Columbia, MD) to organize a youth delegation to the United Nations General Assembly 2019 Conference in New York City on September 25, 2019. Students from Baltimore, Howard, Anne Arundel, and Montgomery Counties in Maryland competed through a video application to receive a special invitation to attend the conference.  They had a unique opportunity to learn about the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and interview world leaders. Watch the Video Recap of their experience. [Click Here]

Youth Voices Matter!

Youth Delegate Speaks at the UNGA 2019 Conference

by Vincent Tucci

Youth Empowerment is very close to my heart. A lot of youth are addicted to their phones that when I’m at lunch in my school, people sitting across from one another—instead of talking—are texting each other. Social Action is important to tackle this problem. When I return to my community, I’m going to start a campaign called “Put Down the Phone, Pick Up a Friend™.” Everyone is so attached to their phones—worried about what’s going on and who’s doing this and that—that it’s time we put it down and look for people to connect and engage with. I’d be increasing the number of social interactions within my community.

Co-op Living is one of the greatest resource at risk to my generation. Hope has been fading away since technology has become more prevalent. Everyone’s worried about updates; who’s going to Snap them next and who’s on Instagram. Social media is enjoyable but leads to social isolation that leads youth to antisocial behaviors, suicides, and separation from the community. The solution for this issue is co-op collaboration and just becoming a part of the community. Community is what sets people up for greatness!


Changing Destinations: Journey to Excellence held the 2nd annual awards ceremony and fundraiser Saturday, April 27, 2019. Board Member and National Security Correspondent, J.J. Green served as the keynote speaker. Over 80 guests were in attendance to celebrate this event.  


The YELD Youth Leadership Academy is a certificate program focusing on leadership development and global citizenship. YELD brings together leaders to share their knowledge, expertise and success strategies to support the implementation of quality programs for youth.


YELD Global Citizens Academy launched in Owerri, Nigeria at Collins American International Academy. Students along with their parents and teachers engaged in week-long workshops and activities to learn about  the UN 17 Sustainable Goals and Global Citizenship. 

"The greatest gift is being empowered to change lives. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a team to raise tomorrow's leaders."

-   Sasha Butler, President


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