Students, who do not have an understanding or appreciation of their own cultural heritage, struggle to understand and celebrate the rich diversity of other groups within their community. Changing Destinations: Journey To Excellence, Inc. collaborates with schools and other community organizations to help youth build cultural awareness, knowledge, and skills. Students will be culturally competent and equipped to effectively manage differences, forge new relationships, resolve conflict, and take a leadership role in mentoring their peers.


Culture & History through Technology

Learning Culture and History Through Technology – IPads, video equipment, personal computers, DVDs, and other technologies are used to enhance technological skills and expand students’ ideas of their place in the world, what they bring to the table and how they can impact their own lives and the communities where they live. Through internet research specifically focused on the history of people of color, students learn to re-evaluate negative information they may believe about themselves which preclude them from success in a number of ways.


Cultural Competency through the Eyes of the Military

We partner with local military bases and veterans to provide students with first-hand, real world insights into cultures in the United States and aboard. By learning about the "cultural terrain” navigated by the military, students gain better insight of the importance of understanding foreign cultures for the purpose of effectively communicating and interacting with diverse groups of people in their own community and around the world. We conduct workshops, invite in guest speakers and provide simulation activities that offer students an opportunity to travel the world and explore new cultures through the eyes of veterans and their families.


Field Trips

We facilitate field trips to local museums, art galleries, restaurants, sporting events and theatres. These trips are designed to help students become well versed in history, the Arts, entertainment and other social events they would otherwise not have access. As students develop an appreciation for these genres, and become socially savvy, they are better equipped to traverse racial and ethnic barriers in their personal life and the workplace.



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